Weekend Re-Cap

Well first off I’m super behind on posting anything about our family for weeks now! Kirra celebrated her FOURTH birthday with two parties, lots of Tinkerbell, and family and friends. Friday of her birthday weekend 11/11/11 – we had the K side over to our house and had Chicken Divan for dinner. She got PJs, some preschool books, barbies, puzzles and more. Saturday morning – bright and early our friend Lisa came over and gave Kirra Tinkerbell themed gifts! A tink doll, shirt, puzzle, and princess coloring book! We’ve already had so much fun with it all! We were off for dance class, which it looked as though they were going to start rehearsing their routine for the recital in 5 weeks, but most of the class was spent on basics. Finally in the evening I made Chili two ways. One was beef chili and the other was venison chili. Most people ate the Darwin Chili as Amillie calls it… but I personally just had the beef. Again Kirra got some really amazing gifts, a vtec laptop, more tinker bell, PJs, and a HUGE barbie house!!! Kirra and I have now been playing barbies for hours at a time since her birthday! Its pretty cool. Thank you to everyone who wished Kirra well, and who celebrated. Thanks also for the new toys & PJs. Kirra LOVES them all!

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