Cleanup on Aisle 8

Today Kirra and I went to Super Target to get the food/ingredients we needed for her birthday parties tomorrow and on Saturday. Included in that was some reddi-whip for the frosting for her cupcakes. Well since we’re doing cupcakes both nights I figured we better buy two cans of reddi-whip. Well we were in the checkout lane, and were putting the items/ingredients up on the conveyer belt. Kirra was helping me, and was she just about to hike up the reddi-whip, when she dropped it on the floor in front of her and it exploded with a violent white furry all over the floor…. all over us…. all over the cart…. all over the magazines…. all over the snacks…ALL OVER AISLE 8. Did you know how slippery Reddi whip is? I found out, because then I slipped and fell because it was like standing on an ice skating rink,and then I kept slipping, and was barely able to even stand up without death gripping the cart! The very nice cashier, called for “Cleanup on Aisle 8” and then promptly handed me a wad of paper towels,and like an idiot (or a mom) I started whipping up the floor, and our mess. She told me no, they were for me, and my daughter to wipe off on. (Since we were covered,and looked like the abominable snow man) They were so nice there, and i was just MORTIFIED! (Mortified like I was 10 minutes earlier when we were in the shaving aisle… and Kirra announced VERY loudly [when noticing a box of Nair for bikini area] – “Look how inappropriate those women are mommy, they’re showing off their potty… hahaha POTTY! Potty Potty Potty,Uncle Rick fixes potties…”) And then I got some stares. Needless to say it was a funny, and very embarrassing trip to Target!!!!

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