Crate Training

Since we’ve brought Sadie home she has spent several nights in the bathroom ( to limit where accidents are) a handful of nights in our bedroom (because we couldn’t take the crying) although then its like a treasure hunt to see where she has all had accidents… and finally we’re now crate training. Night 1 in the crate we put her in around 11pm,and boy did she whine, and cry and thrash around in there. Of course its not fun being in a crate especially when you’ve gotten to sleep with your owners on a tempurpedic mattress… but we didn’t want the accidents… and I actually got less sleep when she’s NOT in her crate. We gave up on Thursday into Friday around 1am. Friday Sadie had her first shot,and her vet check which went well. They said she is really really healthy looking, and had no concerns. We go back in around a month for more shots! She even got a nail trim, and her ears cleaned out! Friday night into Saturday night (just last night) we went for crate training number 2. All of the research says that on overnights you have to be ‘hardcore’ and not give into whining, crying,barking and thrashing. That you have to completely ignore it so they don’t think that you’ll come to them every time they whine. Instead they will learn that crying is futile. We ignored her successfully, and everyone got some sleep! When she is not napping (which she does very frequently) she is out every 2 hours or so, and is getting pretty good at potty training. 🙂 She does very well in the crate when we’re away for a few hours, and its nice to know we can leave without our house being destroyed, or her, or any of our animals being in danger.

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