Barbie Marathon

I’m still really feeling under the weather, and to be frank I’m SICK of it. Not that being sick is ever fun, but this is one helluva cold, and it’s kicking me hard. I want to just perpetually stay in bed, and have IV fluids give me all the replenishment I need, so I can sleep and not worry about needing to drink water. Once we got home Kirra and I were playing barbies, and she was playing Cinderella (which Sara got her at the MOA), and she showed Ken her underwear, and said, “Ken… don’t you like my underwear?” Ken [me]: CInderella, that is inappropriate. You should never show kens your unders. Cinderella: But they’re so pretty look at them. (puts barbies butt in kens face) Ken: Cinderella, that is naughty. Cinderella: Show me your underwear, I showed you mine. ** Play is formally interrupted. “Kirra. inappropriate” We haven’t played undie barbie since… I’m a bit worried about her sometimes :-). I’ve now been playing barbies with her for over an hour… which is a miracle,and a new record for me. I don’t know how I have lasted this long! It’s like a marathon!

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