Mommy help her!!!!!

Miss “sass-a-frass” has come full circle, and although still in its early phases, I see great potential for a very lippy girl!

Lately its just been incessant whining, and I can’t stand whining. Its like nails on a chalkboard. My dogs a whiner too… I know…. i’m the common denominator right? No… the dog whines for no reason, and Kirra gets so emotional over the smallest things!
Tonight for example, it started out just fine. We came home, let Tyler out, and then put Dora on and had a snack. While watching Dora she wants to know where her baby is… so I said, my room, on my bed… so she walks in the room and was like, waaaa where’s my baby? I said, Its on my bed… she goes back in, and cries she’s not in your bed… and starts to whine… i want my baby….. so I go in my room and plain as day, baby is on my bed….. we go back to the couch where she gathers her “baby supplies”.
She started hyperventilating because she was so distraught about something with her baby. She swaddled her baby doll (which mind you somehow she actually swaddles her baby right, and could probably go head to head with any L&D nurse…I digress)
…and then all the sudden started bawling her eyes out and crying, “help her, help her”. It sounded like a mother who was desperate to get her baby some help… so I said what do you want me to do? And she just starts screaming…. maaaaaammmmaaaaaa, do something… Now she is just sobbing……So i un-swaddle the baby, and Kirra sobs, noooooo she’s going to get cold… so then I start laughing because now she’s just funny…. but then I realize she’s so upset…. she starts to hyperventilate….. so I put the blanket back on the baby, and she just flips out… and says noooooooooo……. now i’m getting irritated so I picked Kirra up and brought her to her room with the baby, and told her she can come out later if she wants…. I went back to the living room and was like, OMG, this is my life…
So I turned on Days of our Lives…. and hung out by myself with my cats… who are not emotionally crazy….
About 10 minutes later she came out and said she was sorry and that she wants to be a good girl. And that was about that…. the rest of the night was just fine.
…..And these are the days of my life….

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