Count Down

This is absolutely my favorite time of year. If every day was in the 50s and 60s and once in a while got to the mid 70s i’d be in heaven!!! The scent of drying leaves, fresh apples, cool air splashing on my face, and lots of delicious goodness… Apple season and more….

Well its just a mere 20 days to the marathon and we’re definitely feeling it around our office. Things are in full swing with lots of meetings and events that lead up to the marathon weekend. Similarily at this time of year I have two HUGE triathlons to put on with my co-workers of my part time job Vacation Sports. Its the Square Lake Triathlon. I’ll be going to bed shortly actually because I have to be over there at 5:45am tomorrow, and on Sunday. No sleeping in for this girl… but these are my favorite events with Vacation Sports, so i’m looking forward to it as well. I just hope all of my volunteers show up!

Jason is helping Phil install a sidewalk at my in-laws tomorrow, and Kirra can hang out at Grandma & Grandpas, and enjoy a nice fall day. Once I get done with the triathlon which is just a few miles from my in-laws i’ll head over there, and depending what their apple tree looks like, maybe pick some apples, or perhaps Kirra and I can go to the park near their house (Big Marine) or maybe even Pine Tree Apple Orchard with Pam & Theo!

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