Wine Review

Jason and I had my parents over for dinner tonight and I got to try two new wines that I bought. I went to the liquor store and like every other Saturday they had the wine tasting, which is unfortunate and good because I always end up buying more wine than I ‘need” .But these two deserve a little review…The first one we opened was a Tempranillo called RIVAREY which might just be my new favorite red. I’m just getting into reds, but I discovered tonight I like a spicy red wine and definitely not a sweet wine. When asked I always told people I enjoyed a sweet red, and was always disappointed in the taste. Well the wine taster explained the different “characteristics” and I now know what I like…

The tannins were very smooth, with notes of raspberry, plum, kiwi and spice. I thoroughly enjoyed it. My dad informed my mom and I after one glass that we had to move onto the white wine because he really liked the red and he wanted to finish off the bottle… I’ll have to pick up another bottle on Monday!!!

The next wine we opened with desert was called Vouvray. I know I’m buying wines that sound like each other, but not on purpose and no the two aren’t related… This white is a mid priced Chenin Blanc, which is a grape I had never heard of before tonight, but ended up being very very fantastic! Its definitely a full bodied white with notes of honey, nuts, and ginger which is relatively dry. It was seductively delicious, and although its mid-priced I’ll definitely be buying this one again too!

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