What a fun week!

Kirra started Gymnastics today. She was in a mood ever since we had picked her up from daycare, so going in to her class she wasn’t in top-notch mood. Once there she didn’t want to stay with her class and tried to run off on to equipment that she wasn’t allowed to go on quite yet… It became a tantrum throwing battle until Daddy stepped onto the floor and got Kirra focused… after that she did better. I think after a few weeks she will be fine, especially if she goes to a class in a better mood! We’ll see what next Monday brings…. After gymnastics I had to high tail it down to Barnes & Noble to meet up with my small group to pick out a new book, and meet our newest member, who actually found the book we’re going to do.

Things have gone from 60mph to 160mph in our office at the marathon. We’re in crunch time with just two weeks before race weekend. After work I had to get Kirra from daycare since Jason was working late, and then head over to the Nissan dealership to get my oil changed (for free thanks to Amillie and Jeff) and hang out with Amillie while it got done. They even washed my car for free too! They’re so great over there!!!

Jason had picked up some knotty pine for the ceiling in the basement and then Jason, Kirra and I went to Lowes and picked out paint, carpet, and tile. I’m very excited about our “den” for when its finished. It will be a nice cozy living room where we can watch TV, and relax.

Jason took today and tomorrow off since he’ll be working a lot this weekend and next, so he worked on the basement! It looks super great so far. The ceiling is almost done!!!

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