Shannon Miller…

Well ok, Kirra’s not quite to the Shannon Miller level with Gymnastics [yet], but she did so much better this week than last week. I think it started better because she was in a great mood when I picked her up from Tally’s [the sitter], and was in a cheerful mood until we left.
She listened this time and for the most part stayed put where she was supposed to. She also was willing to try out each station a little better this time which made me happy! She’s starting to get the hang of it. She did really good on the parallel bars, forward rolls and the ladder, but still needs help not being so scared on the balance beam. She’ll get there though! She loves wearing her Leotard, and has made a new friend Avery (who appears to be younger than Kirra, but by the way really could be Shannon Miller with her skills. She’s really good, so maybe Kirra will watch her and follow by example).
Obviously there is no pressure, and we’re just having fun with all of it! Our teacher is really great too!

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