Worship and birthday party…

Well we woke up early this morning to go to Home Depot to pick out tile for the basement and carpet. We picked out a tile, and thankfully it was on sale, so we bought all that we needed for our basement.

On the way home it was only 10 a.m. so I decided to go to Lino Lakes church with Kirra and the service was amazing! One of the worship songs was so touching, especially with 2000 + people singing all at once. It actually brought tears to my eyes, and before I knew it I had lots of tears!
After church was over Kirra and I came home for lunch, and then took naps. Kirra had other ideas, but I definitely took a nap. Once we [Jason and I] woke up it was time to head over to my folks house for Missy’s Birthday!
Thinking of a really good wish…..

Blowing out her candles

Um… yeah… I’m 38…..

Gran was with us in spirit, since this would have
been her 95th birthday!

Brother and sisters……

Kirra looking cute as usual….

Jason and I


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