Ren Fest!

Well today we saw a whole new side of Kirra…. a BRAVE Kirra! She wasn’t scared to do anything. We went out to the Renaissance Festival where she jumped really high on a trampoline, rode a horse, went down a HUGE slide by herself, and went on a swing ride!!!!
I even bought her some Fairy wings. They were too cute to pass up, and now she can wear them for other things too! (Like Halloween)
For lunch Kirra had Corn on the Cob, Jason had a turkey leg and I had Fajitas. We snacked on some other stuff too. It was really fun
I ended up buying a bath bomb for me, and a whale shaped luffa!
Enjoy the photos..
Getting her face painted….

Getting all suited up for jumping!

We thought she would be scared, but
instead… she went really really high!

Time to feed some goats!

Ridding a pony! Remember back in April, she wouldn’t
even pet a pony let alone ride one!

She thought it was just the best thing ever! I think now
she is going to want to ride pony’s a lot more!

Here she is on the swings! She picked out the blue one
all by herself!

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