Operation Tango November

Went to dinner last night with Jason and my co-workers… We went to a very tasty Greek restaurant, and we both enjoyed our dinners very very much. Jason and I decided that we’re going to start exploring little mom and pop shop eateries and expand our culinary horizons.
I took Kirra to gymnastics today. Kirra did ok, but didn’t really want to participate with the group, she wanted to do her own thing…She wouldn’t sit in the circle, or line up so that was frustrating on my end, while everyone else’s angelic children behaved perfectly. Then there is this one girl in Kirra’s class who practically IS Shannon Miller, and I think she is younger than Kirra.
I’m guessing she’s done the class before. I polled the other moms and it appears that Kirra is the only one in her class who has never done gymnastics before, and the other kids have been doing it since they were 16 months old. It kind of gave me a complex… but i must not fear, or get too worried that Kirra isn’t doing perfect “starfish” on trampoline, or seat drops. Its just sometimes hard not to compare when its screaming in your face.
Well I will get my revenge this weekend when Kirra wins her age group in the toddler trot. We’ve been practicing year ’round, and cross training too. She WILL be the next Kara Goucher! (if she wants to) but in all reality, she really IS a good runner, and loves to run.
I hosted our small group tonight and it was great to see everyone. I was frustrated at myself for not having the house picked up more, but when you burn the candle at both ends of the stick there isn’t much of a wick to light at the end… which amazingly was the topic in a way…
Lots of last minute preparations are going on at work right now with OPERATIONS beginning on Thursday. Every year my old co-worker [he has since retired] and I would ‘name’ the Race Weekend an operational name since we were both military veterans. We use the phonetic alphabet which common, just sounds cool! Gosh I miss him… I will need to come up with an operational name on my own this year… hmmmm……..
Well for now (after literally 15 minutes of brainstorming with myself) i’ve come up with Tango November… Operation Tango November.… will get underway come Thursday. You can try to figure out what it means… but I can only tell Julliet Alpha… And yes… you can call me a dork!
Tomorrow is great! I have nothing going on after work so I can just relax!

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