Fall Kickoff

What a great kick off to fall. I know its not officially the first day of autumn, but it sure felt like it this weekend, with the crisp cool mornings, warm afternoon, bees, and the smell of fall in the air.

The events went really well this weekend. Thank God for the amazing volunteers that showed up! We never could have put on the races without them. Saturday I woke up at 4:30 and finally got out of bed at 4:45. I threw on my ‘event’ clothes, and filled up my coffee and took off for Square Lake. Once the race was over I headed over to my in-laws where Jason and Kirra were helping Phil and my in-laws make a stone footpath from their driveway to their door. After I laid Kirra down for a nap I tried to lay down in the spare bedroom with her, but she was making too much noise and they had the radio on in the living room… so I headed outside and went down to the trampoline where I took a 3 hour nap in the nice fall sun on a black surface. It was great, and very very comfortable. When I woke up Theo asked if I could go and get Pam and bring her over, and i happily obliged. Pam and I had a nice ride back to my in-laws.

While we were all sitting around Jason asked his dad if he had the 12 gauge shotgun so I could practice shooting it. I made Jason fire off the first round so I could see how loud it was and BOY was it loud. It was quite a reach for me, so I didn’t feel comfortable shooting it for fun, unless I absolutely had to in a certain situation. So Jason and his dad went back to the house and presented me with a .22, and a 410 shotgun (my father-in-law’s grandpas gun).

Again I made Jason fire off the 410 shotgun first, and realized it was just as loud as the 12 gauge, kind of scary and powerful sounding. So I held it and it was much shorter for me, so I toughened up like a good little girl scout and fired off a shot… and regardless of the fact that my ears went instantly ringing, and muted it was great! I shot the ‘bucket” every time with both the bird shot, and the slug! The coolest part was when you opened the barrel to take out the shell the barrel was smoking. It made me feel kind of like Clint Eastwood. Definitely made me want to go small game hunting.

Then I got to fire off the .22. It was loud too, but no recoil. I thought the 410 shotgun was definitely more fun!

We locked the guns back up, and then built a bonfire,and then it was dinner.

After dinner, and some bonfire time, we again laid Kirra down in my in-laws spare bedroom about 8:30pm and Jason took a nap on the lazy boy while I was hot-tubbing. About 9:45 I realized I had to wake up early on Sunday to help out with the long course as the Volunteer Coordinator again. So I went inside to wake up Jason, but we decided since Kirra was sleeping, Tyler our dog was with us, Jason and I were super tired, and we were SO close to Square Lake we decided we would just sleep over night at my in-laws. So we did, and the shorter drive in the morning was so awesome!

I had a long morning with coordinating yet another set of amazing volunteers. Once I was done I had a church function I had to get to, and finally got home at 7:40pm. It was WONDERFUL to be home. In the evenings this week I now get to coordinate volunteers for another duathlon we have next weekend, and also get ready for the Twin Cities Marathon with the “Packet Stuffing Party” on Friday and Saturday. We’re busy-busy-busy with all of our events!!!!

Tomorrow is Kirra’s first class of gymnastics!!! She is so excited. We’ll try to take pictures.

Ta-Ta for now.

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