5 Days… Dare I say?

Dare I even say that Kirra has been coughing attack free for 5 days now. Its so nice to not be rushing into her room wondering how to help her. Not that I wouldn’t ,but it scares the crap out of me, and I’m sure she is glad not to be coughing her buns off.

I’m thinking it was reflux… i’m not sure, but i’m thinking….. The flovent inhaler decreases inflamation, which if stomach acids were aspirated into her lungs that would cause inflamation. The prevacid changes the pH of the acid, and inhibits the tummy from producing too much acid so there isn’t a whole lot of acid to reflux… and the soy milk is easier to digest and virtually no saturated fat so it doesn’t upset the tummy!

She was also on Augmentin for an ear infection, so I guess it’s possible she had bacterial bronchitis, and that treated it… I’m thinking it was the reflux thing, because she didn’t seem sick otherwise.

Jason and I are doing good. We’re supposed to get our new Tempurpedic bed on Monday or Tuesday. I’m so excited! I can’t wait. It’s also going to be a King Size bed. So much room, I won’t know what do do with all the space!

Yesterday (Friday) Kirra and I went to Foss swim school for Family Swim Night. The water is 92 degrees and Kirra had the time of her life. She absolutely loved it. She usually turns blue in the pool and has no fun, but she was swiming around (obviousy in my arms.) but by the end she wasn’t clinging to me for dear life anymore. (which did feel kind of good).
Later on I drove to my sisters house in White Bear in a total snow storm! YUCK. On the way home I could barely see the road. I was so happy to get home. It was by far the worst driving conditions I’ve ever experienced… well it was a tie with the snow storm of February 2007, however this time I had to drive much further. Tomorrow (Sunday) we’re just relaxing, I am supposed to run 5-6 miles.

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