Day 2

No coughing attacks! Keep your prayers coming!

So on a side note… Tyler has been really stinky lately… like very very stinky… Today once I got home I let Tyler out, we hung out for a bit, and then he started scratching a bunch on his neck… so I thought, oh no not fleas again!!! He has been doing this weird bitting thing too where there are invisible bugs flying thru the air… so I went to take his collar off to see and my hand got goo on it, and was sticky. I smelled my hand and sure enough it was the reeky smell we had been smelling for a few days.
I immediately washed my hands and put Kirra in her crib so I could inspect Tyler (Kirra didn’t think it was nice of me to banish her to the crib and make her miss out). I put my yellow rubber gloves on and took a look and to my disgust his neck had like open sores or something oozing on his neck. I called Jason and told him to meet us at Banfield.
Tyler had to get his neck shaved so the Vet could see. He has a huge yeast infection on his neck, and also an ear infection! Poor Tyler. I guess this neck rash also called a hot spot is very painful and itchy. I feel so bad for Tyler.
Already since they shaved him he smells a lot better. I bet his fur was getting icky too. We threw his collar away at the vet, so we will have to get him a new one. We didn’t even want to bother cleaning his old one since it stunk so much. Tyler isn’t supposed to have a collar on for at least a week.
Here’s to health at our house.

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