Could it actually be possible?

Kirra hasn’t coughed much lately! Could this actually be possible? It’s hard to tell what is possibly helping it… Steroid Inhailer… Prevacid… Augmentin for an ear infection… or soy milk… Perhaps well keep on, keeping on, and see if she continues this lack of coughing!!! . If she does stop coughing…which to me, i’m going to start counting days now… I might be a bit hesitant to take her off the soy milk since she likes it so much… (and then Jason and I can drink 2% again!).

We’ll see. If she does go an entire week without coughing I will ask the pediatrician what she thinks. We’re supposed to call the pulmonologist on March 5th, hopefully we can go until then w/o coughing!!!!

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