15 Month Check up

We had Kirra’s 15 month check up with the pediatrician this morning. The check up went well! She’s 29 inches long, and 19.14 pounds. She’s between 10-25%.

I asked the doctor if she thinks Kirra’s cough might be allergy related… like if she could possibly have a milk allergy or sensitivity since we were on Gentlease formula and then went straight to cows milk right around the time she started coughing…. and she thinks that’s a real possibility.

So the doctor wants us to try Soy Milk for a bit. She says it’s our cheapest option too. She said if that doesn’t work we can try Rice Milk, and if that doesn’t work we can try Nutramagin formula (she’s friends with the rep, so she will give us free samples if it comes to that (because its super super expensive). She doesn’t think there is any need to do testing. We’ll just to the trial and error instead.

Dr. Evans didn’t have any samples of Prevacid Kirra’s reflux medicine which costs $35.00, but she did see that we’re using Bordeaux Butt Paste, and she gave us an entire box of samples! So that was sweet!

Kirra, has an ear infection! Her first one. She had a fever of 103.5 on Monday and ever since has been grabbing her ears, and her head, so the doctor took a peek, and sure enough it’s pretty infected. Poor baby. No wonder why she wanted me to rock her to sleep last night!

In general she is doing fantastic, and growing well, and developmentally right on track! She says her talking skills are great! Who knew, with a mom like me!

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