Tongue Peeling

Today after work I picked Kirra up from Tally’s, and boy was she in a mood. She was so sad, and so tired, and so out of it. Tally said she cried most of the day and only had a 30 minute nap. Poor hunny. Later on in the evening Jason and I noticed something wrong with her tongue. It looked like a big cut on the top, or that the top layer of her tongue was gone! So we drove over to urgent care to get it looked at.

The doctor didn’t seem to think it was a big deal at all. He acted as if it’s really comon, and didn’t think it was thrush or anything. He couldn’t even give us a good reason to why it was that way. Jason and I decided it could be from her pulmicort, so we’re going to skip it today and tomorrow.

I listened to her lungs last night while she was sleeping, and they sound completely clear. I have a new differential diagnosis, and that might be chronic sinusitis. I read that they can have a worsening cough at night, and Kirra has always been stuffy. (Just like her mama).

The pulmonology appointment is day after tomorrow. I’m excited to get some real answers. I really hope she doesn’t blow us off without doing any tests and say it’s just a cold go home. I will make them do something! I’m sure it will all be fine though…

I missed my 2 mile run today because of all of this medical drama, so I am bringing my running clothes to work tomorrow, and will work out at the gym during lunch. It’s fairly close and most of the office goes anyways. Tomorrow I am supposed to do 3 miles, so I will do between 2 and 3 miles.

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