Friday Fast Facts

1.) I am starting to become convinced that Eli drinks extra water, so that he goes potty outside more – so that he can get more treats… I’m on to you dog!

Speaking of Eli- we went up to the Breeder to get his final “puppy” shots and the breeder said he looks absolutely great, stunning. She couldn’t believe how HUGE his paws are, and stated that he already has adult size paws. She guestimates he’s going to fill out to a muscular 120lbs!

2.) I asked K if she was excited for Uncle Rick’s & Auntie Nicole’s wedding and she said, “Oh yes… I’m excited for them to born (pronounced Bore-en) their baby tomorrow too!”

me: Come again?

K: “well after they say I do, and kiss a baby will be in her tummy, and then they’re going to the dance, and eating cake, and then they will go to the hospital to born their baby Natalie.

Maybe she knows more than the rest of us??……..

3.) Tomorrow I gain a sister, a niece and a nephew. I have the huge privilege of taking all of their [“professional”] photos!

4.) I have a new favorite summertime wine. I love love love red wine, but in the summer I like a nice chilled white. I discovered this little diddy recently: Mommy’s Time Out. You should try it!

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