The Chase

This evening I began a journey. One I’m not sure of… the outcome, what I will discover, and who I will become because of it. I’ve always been interested in reading through the entire bible, but never allowed myself the time.

A co-workers daughter who I think is 8 years old is currently reading through the ENTIRE bible (and not a kids version either) – so really I thought I can do this… There are  myriad bible reading plans – and I decided I’m going to follow a chronological one.

So – instead of the bible taking you straight through – cover to cover, this actually takes you on the journey of how the bible evolutionalized, or brings you through in the order they actually happend! (Surprise – the bible is NOT in order – cover to cover of the way it actually went down!).

Over the years I’ve noticed I’m in between that hot, and lukewarm temperature for Christ. The temperature he warns us about in Revelation 3:16. God wants us to be HOT for him, and to not simply let scripture fall into our laps, but to chase after it. Persue it with all our mights.

So – that is what I’ll be doing…. Reading and Blogging my way through the bible.

This should take me about a year – give or take if I miss a day or so – but here’s to the chase!

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