Walking the line

Job 29
As I’m reading through Job I’m noting that he’s getting borderline prideful defending himself. I have the NLT Life Application Bible, and similarly in the footnotes it states, “Job was walking a fine line between bragging about past accomplishments an recalling good deeds in order to answer the charges against him…”

I wonder how often I do the same thing… Sobering fact! I think I’m very borderline prideful at times. I always feel I have to share my [similar] story – instead of letting others bask in the lime light for a bit. Sometimes I “brag” on Facebook or Twitter too much over certain things. I must be mindful of what comes out of my mouth.

Ecclesiastes 10:14 (MSG)

Fools talk way too much, Chattering stuff they know nothing about.
Until next time….
Chasing Christ!

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