Suffer Well

As I’m reading through the beginning of Job I’m thinking – man, here is a guy who had it all! Loads of money, a great family a great career, and a man of God. And then – just like that, its all been taken away. Undoubtedly he was greif stricken, but he did not loose faith in God.

Later on after a series of more unfortunate events take place his friends turn their backs on Job telling him that he brought it on upon himself. This made me so sad. I imagined if I were ever in a place of misery, and through a series of events that truly were no fault of my own, I couldn’t imagine the thought of my friends, and others turning their back on me thinking I caused my own trouble.

I love though that through it all Job stays true to God! Job shows us how during a time of epic misery and devastation how people WANT to be treated.  No “pat” answers, don’t turn your back, and don’t act all high and mighty. Just be a friend, and listen!

I’ve been listening to the Bible in my car via the YouVersion App for my android phone, and then once I get home I look through the application in my bible.   Some translations – such as the NLT [in the App] offers audio – so now I absolutely have no excuse to say “I don’t have time”. Even after just a week I treasure my time (which is right after work before I pick up my daughter).

Until next time….

Chasing Christ!

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