The Burnt Offering

Genesis 22
I can’t imagine as a mother – the scene of God asking me to sacrifice my daughter, by striking her with a knife, and then burning her. But Abraham did as he was told. Perhaps internally he struggled with this – but its not recorded here in the book of Genesis – he simply obeyed without question.

This is fascinating. Did he tell Sarah? I had to give pause in this part of Gods story. What did she say if he did tell her, and what would she say when he returned without her? In todays society if a parent stated, oh, I offered our child up for a burnt offering to God we would be arrested, and scorned for life! What was life like in the time of Abraham?

I had to stop and ask myself… In what ways can I obey readily? Perhaps and hopefully God never asks me to sacrifice my daughter as a sign of my faith, and fear in him, and through Jesus’ sacrifice I don’t believe he ever will…  but in what other ways does he lead me to sacrifice? I hope over the next weeks I can be in tune with his gentle whispers on how I can more readily sacrifice for Him.

Chasing Christ!

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