Week 1 – Clean Eating

Here is a re-cap of how Week 1 went. Lots of water was consumed, and dairy was very limited. Got Kirra to try Almond Milk and Soy milk and she didn’t like either one…so her and Jason will remain on cows milk. Because we ate more often through out the day I won’t bore you with everything we possibly ate- but will give you our dinners. We successfully made it through the whole week (minus Monday night) with no processed food (except white rice really/and the ravioli) I feel great, and didn’t feel like I was really limiting myself on other stuff too much. We did have a bit more refined whole wheats than I would have liked,but we didn’t want to throw anything away. Monday: Lots of water was consumed. Very limited dairy today. Only in my coffee creamer. Bought Almond milk to try tonight, and its surprisingly very very delicious, and lower in sugars and everything ‘bad’ than cows milk/soy etc. Tonight we had Kirra’s kindergarten screen,and didn’t finish until 7pm. So we went out for fast food. As maybe a “last supper”. Dinner: LeAnn Chins (go big or go home with bad food right?) Tuesday: Again lots of water was consumed. A bit more dairy today but no milk. Only in my coffee creamer. Drinking Almond Milk for an after dinner treat and loving it. Dinner: Cheese, and chicken Tortilini and spaghetti sauce with WHITE noodles. Side salad of spinach leafs. Got Kirra to try Almond Milk, but she wasn’t too fond of it. Probably because it has such a different taste compared to cows milk. Wednesday: 80 oz of water today. Same Dairy intake. Dinner: Paprika Chicken with steamed green beans and white rice. Everyone loved it. This would be good with whole wheat pasta, brown rice, barley or couscous. Thursday: Tonight was tricky since I had play-group. Found a juice that only contained 10oz of sugar,and we had Triscuts and apples available. Santa came to our house though and bought all the kids candy canes. Dinner: Chicken Salad with Vadilia Onion Sauce Friday: Dinner: Crunchy Curried Chicken Salad (with yogurt as a binder) It was greek yogurt which I’m NOT a fan of. – I know…dairy slip… but i’ve come to terms that sometimes I’ll have to cook with Dairy for certain recipes. As long as i’m not downing half a gallon of milk at dinner and still abstain from it in general…. Saturday: First time trying Tilapia. It was really really good. Dinner: Potato Crusted Tilapia with steamed vegetables Sunday: Dinner: Garbanzo Bean Tacos. with whole wheat shells. Really freaking delicious!!! I would DEFINITELY make this again. Summary: Our 1 week experiment with eating whole foods really wasn’t a bad transition. I think this went easier than last time,because we’re not also trying to implement an amazingly hard workout routine with it. (Insanity) While I wont’ be drinking too much milk – I probably won’t give up cheese, yogurt, or mayo when required as a cooking agent, or part of it. I had no pop and no junk food. We even got Kirra to ask for healthy snacks. So – here’s to week 2 of clean eating!

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