Weekend Re-Cap

What a really perfect sort of weekend we had here! Friday was great. I had a half day at work (which I’ll have through Labor Day). Temperatures on Friday were downright tropical. Temps almost 90 with a dew point in the 70s…definitely felt like Guam.  With only a wall unit in our kitchen that we only run for limited times….I decided I best clean up/organize the downstairs spare bedroom in case we needed to sleep downstairs (since its usually 20 degrees cooler down there)…. I then decided to pull weeds for a whole 40 minutes before I decided TV in the basement was a much better option. We also bought a new “kid” pool for the yard that blows up. Its about the size of a four man hot tub. Big enough for Kirra to play/swim in, and big enough for Jason and I to sit in without looking 100% ridiculous.

Saturday morning Kirra and I woke up for Mom’s on the Run. The temps had cooled down overnight enough for us to sleep upstairs, and cooled down so much I wore Capri’s and a long sleeve technical shirt in the morning for my run. DUMB…. o’well. I sure was sweating! After MOTR Sue and Pam met up at my house for our monthly trip to the Farmers Market in Minneapolis. I got Celery, Basil, Rosemary, and Jalapeno, green, red and yellow peppers.

Then I was off to take my good friends engagement photos. We went all over St. Paul to places I’d never been like Mound Park, Swede Hollow, Mears Park and then of course to the Landmark, and the Library.  I had a lot of fun shooting them (ha couldn’t resist the play on words) and the pictures turned out nice to boot! I was very happy with the results and it sounds like they are too! We then caught dinner at a fantastic restaurant called Bario. I highly recommend it. Very tasty!

Got home, edited photos and then proceeded to sleep like a baby!

Today we woke up around 9 a.m. and Jason and Kirra were off for wood chips and I went to Ally, Gabby and Maggie’s dance recital. It was really great. You could really tell who was on the competition lines and who wasn’t. My niece Ally is in 1st grade and she danced better than some 10-12th graders!!! It  was all fun though.

Once I got home the front yard had definitely transformed. Weeds annihilated, weed tarp laid, and wood chips placed. Garden tilled. I really do have the best husband ever! I got everything for my garden planted and can’t wait to start reaping the benefits. I do need to plant some lettuce from seed, or buy a plant,but that’s about it and i’m “ready-set-go”. My Chamomile and Thyme came back and our mint in the front yard really took off. Time for some mojitos!

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