Let it Rain….

Five years ago today we lost an amazing guy
Cancer took you up and snatched you like lightening in the sky
Too fast, too soon, we barely said goodbye
Too soon, too fast, too final.

Cancer is an ugly word in my vocabulary
The devil himself rearing his ugly face
taking those I love, its quite extraordinary
too soon, too fast, too final.

Although I’m not a researcher
nor do I have a million bucks
I’ll walk 10 + miles every year
and hope we’ll get some luck

A cure, a cope, hoping for the future
so nobody else i know has to go through this endeavor

A robber in the night , the diagnosis is a shock
I clench my fist so tight,i want to throw back at it a diamond rock

Too Soon,too fast,too final.

Uncle Terry
I miss you!

You are so very missed ~
Some day a cure, a cope,some hope will be revealed
I promised you I would walk until I died for cancer research!

I heard this song on my pandora today and thought I’d share. Its so very tender.

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