Family Update

No-No-No… I knew with a post title like this you’d automatically think we’re updating our family as in (more kids)…. but I realized after going through my blog that i haven’t really posted a writing post in quite a while! So I thought it was about time to update y’all on the family!

Still putting in long hours at work,enjoying fishing and golfing whenever possible. Stopped doing tattoos this past winter. He is officially on an undeclared amount of time sabbatical from it.

Gosh…did I ever tell you how much that girl changes? (and I’m not just referring to clothing changes…which by the way she does an awful lot of) but she changes so much from week to week, getting smarter and smarter! She can give you directions if you ask her how to get to Cub, or home, or a certain place we travel too a lot…and just some of her phrases are so adult like….We start swimming lessons again on Thursday. Kirra is past excited about it. She tells everyone that she can! I’ll post some pictures, and do a blog post on that after her first lesson. We are in the Y’s program, and this session she will be a Pike! Pikes learn basic paddle stroke, kicking skills and floating with instructor support.

Me: I’ve been a runnin’ fool lately! I’m still helping to coach a beginners running class with Moms on The Run. I’m really enjoying that, and I’m amazed at how much its really contributing to my overall running! I’m consistently running a sub 9 minute mile which I am pleased as punch about. I’d been stuck running a 12 minute mile FOREVER….which is fine if that’s what you want to do… but I wanted to be faster… I knew I could be….so….my declared races are two trail runs….a half marathon and a 10K…..and Women Run the Cities 10 Mile. There is one more race too….but I will see how training goes,before i go officially public with that race!

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