Weekend Re-Cap

Friday was such a fun mommy and daughter day!

Friday during work I drove around the RWB! Course with our intern and put up road closed signs. So much better doing this task with two people vs. just one. Last year it took me about 7 hours, and this year it only took about 3.5.

After work I went and picked up Kirra at my parents, and brought her out to the Mall of America! We went to Sea Life… which is the new “Underwater Adventures”…and boy has it improved!!!



After Sea Life we went into the American Girls Doll store, and was that an adventure! Kirra had a blast playing no hold barrel with all of the fun babies and accessories! I ended up getting her the front pack carrier, but I’m sure I’ll be going back for the diaper bag soon!!! 🙂


After AG store,we went on a ride. The Wonder Pets ride. It was so nice and NOT crowded at all at the mall. Definitely the way/time to go.

Finally it was time for a little dinner. We had Panda Express, because its just like what Kai Lan eats… We both got a pop,and even got a fortune cookie (well this is no shocker). I read my fortune to Kirra and it said…”Buy someone you love a special present”….so that was cute since I had just bought her the carrier… so Kirra opens her fortune cookie and says…”mama…this is what it says…..”Thank you for the yummy food and the baby present”….

Aww. What a sweet girl!

Once we got home Kirra refused to play with the front pack carrier stating that she didn’t like it…. and even on Saturday morning she told me again that she didn’t like it…. so regrettably (on my end… because maybe I liked it more than she did… it will be going back to MOA!)

Saturday we woke up early for MOTR. I wasn’t looking forward to going, but one I got out there it felt great as usual! I’m still in the early stages of training, so some of my MOTR runs can count towards training, but I think I’m going to need to bring my running stuff with me to work so I can run over the lunch hour.

After MOTR we went home and cleaned ship. Well… I cleaned ship, while Kirra got out the 50 Cal machine gun and went to work on her room!!! I suppose it’s my fault really… I didn’t specifically tell her not to trash her room!

Then it was time to get daddy from work,and head over to Wisconsin for Jason’s brother’s open house. It was a great evening with great company. After watching a terrifying show on the History channel I’ve been terrified of the Stillwater Lift Bridge going over into Wisconsin… and driving over there I pushed the speed limit to get across…. well on our way back we got stopped ON the bridge for about 20 minutes while boats went through. I thought I was going to have an aneurism, but I did survive.

Today was a nice day. We went to church in the morning, and then I did some pregnancy photos for one of my friends, and returned the carrier to the MOA for the diaper bag  (pictured above). She was thrilled with it, and hasn’t stopped playing with it… well… except to wash the dishes tonight!!!

(Yes she is wearing a swimming suit specifically for washing dishes!)

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