Weekend Re-Cap

Saturday we were going to go to the MN Zoo,but we woke up to 30 degrees, and a dusting of snow on the ground. We also slept in and snuggled for quite a while, so we didn’t get off to an early start.

After breakfast, and watching Ponyo again (Kirra watches it about twice a day or so)… I decided to take Kirra to the Children’s Museum for a little fun! We had a blast, and it really wasn’t too busy!

Once we left the Children’s museum, Kirra and I went to church, and then headed home for supper, which was  a homemade pizza! We all had fun making it and it tasted DELICIOUS! Finished off with an ice cream cone, and watched Ponyo again! (Yes.. we did!)
Today [Sunday] we woke up early and went to the MN Zoo. It was really fantastic!  Since we’ve only been to Como since Kirra was born, this was a real treat! We got to see all of the animals, and even got to see a cow being milked. Kirra’s favorite animals were the MN Otters, the goats, and the dolphin.
Jason’s were the wolf,and the Bald Eagle. I think my favorites were the MN Grey Wolf, goats,because you got to go right in there and pet them, and the Tigers, which came so close to the glass I stared in his/her eyes for a second or two. I always knew that Tigers were big… but when you can see it from ground to 14 foot glass, and you’re sitting there hands to the glass, tiger nose to the glass you relize how small you really are! Magnificent!

We came home and watched Ponyo again,and took a nap on the couch. I went on a 3.33 mile run after dinner,and smashed all of my old records since 2004! (AWESOME!)

Time to quiet this soul. We all have a busy morning, and we all had a busy day!

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