800’s ’till I puke….

There is a great quote about doing interval training, called “800’s ’till you puke”… The premise being you run 800 meters [Half Mile] as fast as you can (so fast you want to puke). 800’s is a great way to gauge your fitness as well as test out pace. Meaning… the amount of time it takes you to run an 800 is the pace approximately that you’ll run a marathon! E.g. you run a 4:20 minute 800m you’ll run a 4:20 hour marathon.

Well I didn’t puke, but I did get an awful side ache. I’m not sure if I didn’t wait long enough after eating dinner, if I was still tired from my “3 miler” on Sunday, or just not warmed up enough with the cooler temps… I planned to do 800×6 for three miles, but I only made it 800×4 for 2 miles, and the side ache was so strong I wanted to cry. Also during the day I got a “butt pain” which flared up during my run.

Here is how my workout panned out… not super crazy awful… but not highly desirable either. I know there is room for improvement, but it wasn’t a bad gig just going out there and getting after it.

800 #1     4:16:05 (Went out fast and hard, and tried to maintain. Did high knees during run)

800 #2     4:24:06 (Went out fast again,but half way through I was feeling like rubber legs, and my butt/leg pain (saitic nerve type) flared up)

800 #3     4:30:06 (Tried reverse approach in going out slower,and speeding up…near the end I just   wanted to quit anyways. The last 50 meters or so I developed an awful side stitch)

800 #4     4:42:09 (Went out fast and hard. Figured it worked on the first leg. About 25 meters in my leg/butt was hurting! Sucked it up. Side stich became practically unbearable by 200m. Sucked it up. Theory being faster I run,faster I can quit)

As you can see, I just got progressively slower and slower. Maybe I didn’t rest enough in between… Not too sure. I plan to do this workout every Tuesday however, so I can see how I improve!

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