Some of my favorite and not so favorite things!

Kirra and I were having our little mom and daughter chats in the car tonight,and she was informing me of all the things she doesn’t like:

Semi-Trucks, because they’re so big and huge and loud

Vacuum cleaners, because they’re so loud

Car Washes, because they’re so loud and scary!

Tangly trees,because she will get all tangled up!

Favorite Movie: Ponyo. We probably watch this 2x per day. I’m watching it for the first time now. Poor Jason.

Favorite Food: Spaghetti

Favorite Activity: Babies, or playing outside. Kirra also has learned to play some computer games.


Kirra goes back to daycare on Monday. We’re really excited. We got back in with Tally and Kirra will continue preschool where she left off. I’m glad to have her get back to some structured learning, since I don’t have the patience, nor does Kirra have the attention span to listen to me for any period of time.

I scored MN Zoo tickets at storytime this past week so depending on the weather we’ll either go tomorrow or Sunday. I’m excited because its baby farm animals week! Very exciting. Besides that,it should be a pretty relaxing weekend!

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