Kirra is in LOVE with going to pre-school. Jason and I got her all psyched up about going to school, so she went to bed nice and early last night, and woke up with big smiles, and talking about going to school today. We picked out a cute outfit, and quick snapped a photo and were on our way….
Well… Kirra’s “real” school for when she starts Kindergarten is on the way to daycare/pre-school….so when we passed it Kirra was a little sad because she obviously thought she was going to regular school… Once I explained to her that Miss Tally would be her teacher she started to like it more.
Today they worked on their pre-school profile, which is basically an assessment that Tally does in the beginning and end of the school year to see where they’re at, and then see how far they’ve come. They practiced shapes today and the color red.
Kirra also got her workbook which they will start to work more in next week. Pre-School is Tues/Wed/Thurs… until the end of May. Even if Jason gets laid off again this winter we’ll still send her in for her pre-school time.
Kirra got homework tonight. She is supposed to practice her shapes! How fun is this!!!!
Kirra told me all about it, and it was definitely the highlight of her day! Kirra went to bed early again, in eager anticipation of another fun-filled day at pre-school.
Again… here is a snapshot of Kirra on our way to pre-school!

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