Just one week ~ A letter to my baby

Dear Kirra,

Well in just one week [you] Kirra will begin pre-school. I can’t really believe it. When I really think back to all the moments we’ve shared I can imagine how its been nearly 3 years since you’ve been born into this world, but at the same time, I just see my little Kirra.

Its not like you’re going on a school bus [Just yet]. Your pre-school is right at Tally’s… I won’t even notice anything different except that now you’ll be going to daycare with a backpack… school supplies, and a workbook to learn how to write your name, and learn simple math.
I was feeling nostalgic tonight, and decided to sneak over to the computer – careful not to wake anyone and look thru some of your newborn baby photos. You know what I see? I still see you… sleeping in the room next to ours… Although you’re so much bigger now I can literally see your face on these newborn pictures.
I’ve made up so many nick-names for you since you’ve existed. While I was pregnant with you I called you Pom…. short for Pomegranate. My co-workers and I decided to “name” you the most ridiculous fruit name since Gweneth Paltrow named her baby Apple. Sometimes you were even called Pommy, and my co-workers would say look there goes Pommy & Mommy….
Once you joined us I started calling you peanut… which got shortned to Peeny, which got shortened to Pina. Which as I’m typing this looks like Pineapple… so I guess I still called you a fruit after all. When I saw these newborn photos my heart went out to you just as they did back then… you with your broken femur… Pina… honey….
The last photo above really makes you look like a little Pommy. Actually I have this photo on my desk at work, and it says Pommy & Mommy on it. Can you believe you were fast asleep?
Then I look forward to today… Normally now I just call you toots, or beeber, or beebs… and my favorite now Honey Dew… or lately its gotten lengthened to Honey Dew Mellon when I’m trying to be really affectionate. I say, “oh Honey-Dew-Mellon- come here, and I give you a big mama hug. WOW, I really am staying on the fruit deal aren’t I?
You’re such a big girl now. Just yesterday after you had FINALLY fallen asleep I went to your bed, and was holding your legs… and thinking back to how one was broken.. and how STRONG your legs are now!
Now you’re riding your new bike that daddy bought for you this past weekend, even though you tell us that you CAN’T push the pedals… I say…”Try Kirra”… and you say “I CAN’T MOMMY” and I say, “You’re not trying… just try…” I know that some day really soon you will get it… and then you’ll be off…
But as a glimmer of hope… when you think you’re all alone, and you get scared… you’ll turn around… because you will still need us…. and we’ll always be there for you… for ever, for always, and no matter what!

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