Weekend Re-Cap


Worked until noon and then went off to Relay for Life. It was a nice day in the mid 70s and overcast, which actually was nice so it wasn’t so hot! Our team this year was Pam, Lynn, Theo,Amillie, and myself. Jason even stopped by for a few laps and to say hello.
Theo cut off 10 inches of hair for Locks of Love. She’s cut it off every year for the past 4 years. I’m so proud of her, and her generosity with her hair. During the silent auction I got (and bid) on a charcoal grill! Amillie and Lynn had to leave early – so for the overnight, it was me, Theo & Pam. We walked 10 miles! I was so proud of the three of us!!! We all crashed about 4am for a few hours of shut-eye.

Woke up at 6am on the White Bear Lake, High School football field and was wondering if I just slept until noon if anyone would notice…. we begrudgingly got out of our lawn chairs, and began the tear down… it didn’t take too long. I went over to my parents house (because they had kept Kirra over night since Jason was working late) and instead of waking up Kirra at 6:45, I just decided to nap there for a few hours…
I got my car washed and then went home for a few more hours of shut-eye. After I woke up at my house Kirra and I went and toured the new Blaine campus for Eagle Brook Church. I am soooooo exited for this campus to open. Its absolutely AMAZING!!! The kids area is super super neat too. I seriously can’t wait for it to open. After we toured the new campus Kirra and I came home (Jason was off doing Tattoos) and we had some dinner and then went to Lino Lakes for church. The message was great, but I remembered why I like the smaller campus. Really busy…. although singing in worship was super cool with over 1,000 people singing at once.
Came home and literally went right to bed.
Woke up super early… like 4:45am for a race my full time job is putting on. The Twins Territory 4K. It was super fun. I was nervous about it because I was so tired this weekend, but I was home by 9am. When I got home Jason and Kirra were just waking up having breakfast, and I decided instantly i was soooo tired, so I took a 2 hour nap, which felt like HOURS…
When Kirra woke up from her nap we put her in underwear since the cost of pull-ups is outrageous. I think except for nap time, and bed time, we’re going to have her in underwear. I do expect to do lots of laundry, although she’s getting really good at potty training.
After Kirra got up from her nap we took a trip to the park, which was fun, and then went to LeAnn Chins for supper and got frozen yogurt too! It was definitely a fun weekend!

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