This weeks re-cap

I can’t even believe that this week is nearly over with! I feel like it’s just Monday or Tuesday!!!

R-E-L-A-X. It was hotter than Haiti today, so I called Alisa after work, and Kirra and I went to the beach with them. The beach is actually super close to our house. I can’t believe we never went before… Kirra had absolutely no fear when we got there. She ran right into the water, and swam around like Dara Torres! She even went “into the deep” which is only 2 feet deep… but for her its ‘deep’. I got in too, and we had a wonderful mother-daughter moment! AKA, Kirra pushing me under water and laughing… Kirra didn’t want to go but the cops kicked everyone out at 8pm… so I told her we’d go another day.
And BINGO was his name-o…. we listened to the Bingo song about 19 times today! On the way to Tally’s, on our way home to let Tyler out after work… on our way to Julies house, and on the way home! Julie (my co-worker) watched Kirra tonight while I was at a FT job meeting. She took Kirra to the park and Kirra even went down a big slide without riding with someone. She also did really really good on the potty at Julie’s house. Came home and crashed right away!
Cleaning! That was the name of the game today. I whipped my house into shape! There is still more to tackle but I cleaned up quite a bit, and re-arranged the living room. Jason loves when I re-arrange everything! It was super awesome. Our house has been cluttered long enough. I just started pitching things left and right. My only thing left to really tackle is the piano… because its been sort of a catch all….Kirra did super good potty-training this evening. She is really really getting the hang of it. I’m so proud of her!
Today Kirra and I went over to our friend Jodi & Lauren’s for a playdate with the rest of the “MUMS” group from New Parent Connection. It was so fun to catch up with friends, and see the little ones playing. I can’t even believe that they are all nearly 3 years old! Where did the time go? On the way home guess what we listened to? BINGO! Kirra went to the whole playdate in regular underwear and didn’t even have one accident all night. GO KIRRA!!!!!
The Weekend Ahead:
Saturday: Off to Pam & Phil’s. They’ve been raising chickens for us as you may have seen in a previous post, and Saturday is butcher day… I’m in charge of plucking feathers… my co-workers are calling me Laura Ingles Wilder….I will definitely have photos posted!

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