Marketfest and other fun….

What a super fun Thursday Kirra and I had. Jason was working late,so I met up with Betsy and her aunt Sarah, and all the kids at Marketfest tonight. Its basically a super super mini state fair with lots of food vendors, jewelry, arts and crafts and more. Kirra and I had Carbonies pizza for dinner, and then later had mini donuts. We can’t forget those!! Ended up running into some people I knew so we of course stopped and said hello.I even got a purse, well because Lillian’s was open, and it was on sale! I can’t seem to ever pass up a cute purse on sale!!!

Then it was “time for go” as Kirra calls it. The minute I got us all packed in the SUV my mom called and wanted to know if I was at Marketfest. They were there too. Gosh darnit. If i hadn’t walked around for nearly 2 hours prior to her calling I definitely would have re-parked and got out, but I was pooped, and its not that big…
I wanted to check out this new beach that my friend told me about at Chain of Lakes regional park, so [since i have a park pass] we stopped in there to have a “look-see” on our way home. They had a huge park attached, so Kirra made a B-Line for that. I was about to let her go on it, but since its a beach park the slide was soaking wet…. so she wasn’t too happy that I wouldn’t let her play on the slide.
I pushed her in the swing for a while, and then we just chased each other all over the large grass field. We were definitely having a fun mother-daughter moment. It was again “time for go” because Kirra kept eye-balling the water tables they had and the water, and she was in a semi-nice outfit… so we packed up begrudgingly and came back home. 🙂
Tomorrow night is Relay for Life. I think I myself raised over $200 so I’m pretty pleased with that… I’m working until noon, and then coming home to meet Pam at my house, and get head out (again) to White Bear Lake to walk the track all night. I’ll post some pictures over the weekend!

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