ocr3 chick

So I busted out the ocr3 and finally got my bike computer installed at Penn Cycle. I took it out for a test spin last night too, and gosh what an absolute GORGEOUS night for cycling! I went about 10 miles, and on my way back I drove off onto this little road that lead to the Ham Lake Baptist Bible Camp to see where it would take me, and what that was all about. So I biked down this road which was lined with trees, and eventually the trees and cover became thicker and thicker. It honestly looked like something out of the movie Twilight. Very gorgeous. The road winded around and around, and eventually a tiny little neighborhood sprung up out of nowhere. The houses were cutsey little houses and some were big, some were small but nothing was too gynormous. Just a super cute neighborhood that was on Ham Lake. The bible camp was just a little challet at the end of the road. I stopped and watched the beginning of the sun setting over the lake, and just gave thanks for such a beautiful day! It was a quiet revere from a busy summer.

I’m bringing my bike to work tomorrow to bike during lunch with a co-worker who appreciates cycling as much as I do. Its truly the sport I adore. Of course I will still run more races, but nothing will ever compare to a midsummer night with my ocr3 🙂

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