New tent and fun times!

Well we got a new tent for camping, and set it up yesterday to let it air out before the big Labor Day camping trip. This sucker is HUGE! We’re going to be the envy of everyone else at camping….I’m really excited to go. I’ve been working a lot lately, and am just looking forward to 5 days up in the wilderness!

Kirra has figured out diapers. How they work and scary for mom and dad… how they come off!!!! Today she was COVERED in #2. Super gross. Luckily Tally & Alex caught it before she ate IT! I know this might be TMI for some of you, but imagine how I felt to get my precious daughter and a report that Tally has to HOSE off the pack and play in the backyard! All you can do is laugh….. So a onsies we will go for now. She has figured out how to take off her britches, and her diaper, and could care less if either were on….
She has been talking a lot lately, and that’s so fun to see her grow. She knows some sign language too which is very helpful because not all of her words make sense.
Saturday I served at church and helped out in the 20-28 month room subbing for someone. The kido-s were great. I was nervous to do this age group since this is the age of my daughter, but they were SOOOOO well behaved. We danced, had bubble nation, and twirled around and read books. They were the BEST!
We just got done with St. Paul Triathlon which was a HUGE success. My next event is Square Lake Triathlon a two day event. I’m excited for that too. I’m so blessed to have jobs I adore.

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