Croupie Baby

So last night Kirra woke up bawling her eyes out around 1:00am. And she had a very noticeable deep cough that sounded like a seal barking, like Sparkie the sea lion was resurrected! Poor thing. She was just miserable. We thought about calling the nurse line or taking her to Children’s but we thought google in the middle of the night was a better option.
We were like…. what is that cough called…. ding…. croup. So I googled croup and it did’nt say RUSH your child to the ER, so I figured we’d call the doctor in the morning. IN the morning she was just miserable. Coughing, super tired… just exahusted looking….. The on-call nurse suggested we make an appointment with the pediatrician today, so that’s what we did, and she confirmed it was croup. I stayed home and worked today, and Kirra slept and rested all day. She gave her prednisone to decrease the swelling in her throat. I knew she had a sore throat when she didn’t even want to eat a banana today, her absolute favorite!
Tomorrow is the swallow study at Children’s to see if Kirra has been aspirating. I’ll give you the low down tomorrow on how the appointment is going. My car is starting to go downhill. It wouldn’t turn over again today, but then miraculously it did…. although it blew the radio out, so now I have NOOOOOo radio, nothing. Dead pan silence…. not real exciting…. I think Jason is going to let me drive the truck for a while. Its good to drive a reliable vehicle when you’re toting around precious cargo!
Hopefully Kirra sleeps better tonight. She’s got some prednisone in her, and a humidifier going on in her room! I hear her coughing though 😦 Prayers!

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