Fun with Friends

Well, we survived our first outing to the indoor playyard. It went very well, even though Kirra mouthed a few of the balls. And then against my better judgement I put her in the ball bit, and that was kind of funny. She only liked it for about 5 minutes, and then it was too hard for her to sit, and crawl in, but I got a few good pictures. She even spit up in the ball pit, which is one of my main reasons for thinking they are kind of gross, because you know the people who work there aren’t sanitizing every single ball….. BUT…She really enjoyed climbing on different things, and going down the little slide.

We also decided to go down the BIG BIG slide… let me tell you about this… we had to climb about 14 flight decks to the top, and it was very hard, because the platforms were sooo close together, but somehow we got to the top without too much fussiness… then Kirra and I went down the biiiigggg slide. This sucker was HUGE!!!

I tried to go as slow as I could but the S-bomb came out of my mouth a few times. 

We have a big week with hanging out with friends. It should be a blast!!!!!

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