Well no new tricks lately, but Kirra is becoming an olympic climber on furniture! (If there was such an event, she would definitly win Gold.)

We gave her some cut up hot dog tonight, and she loved it! Our pediatrician gave us the ok, so we’re trying new things besides just purred baby food.She really seems to like feeding herself.

We think she is getting more teeth, but she is such a trooper,that we can’t really tell. It doesn’t seem to wake her up at night, so we’re never really sure. She doesn’t have any “clasic” signs right before hand, so we just have to sit it out.

Her other teeth that are popping thru haven’t come all the way up yet, but they are working on it. We’re not giving her anything because it doesn’t seem to bother her at all.

I just installed our “next step” car seat in my car. I wasn’t toting the other one in and out anymore anyhoo, so I figured why not move up. It’s probably safer for her anyways. This one even has the fancy latch system. I got Kirra sized up in it, and I got it in my car, so we’ll see how it goes tomorrow. I hope it’s not hard to get her in and out. It shouldn’t be, but it definitely doesn’t recline as much, and now she won’t be able to look over her shoulder and see me. Such is life. Three more months she can face foward (if she gains 3 pounds) and see the world!.

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