Nearly 9 (Months that is)

Well Kirra is nearly 9 months old already! I absolutely can’t belive it! I feel like she was just born yesterday! I look back at pictures and think WOW, she reallly was that little. Now she is climbing on everything, and crawling so well! Today she crawled over to her toybox, and there is this bucket with a lid on it, and Kirra (sneaky girl) figured out how to open the lid!!!! and dump out her toys! We couldn’t belive it. It was awesome. (And very scary too).

We’re so happy to have Jason back home. That was the longest we’ve spent apart since we were in the Navy. Things are definitely easier when there is a pair to take care of Kirra.

Teeth are breaking thru and Kirra is being a trooper! Not the typical crying and crabiness that you would expect, it’s like nothing is happening, although now when she bites you it really hurts!

Today I ran in a 5K in New Brighton, and Jason & Kirra came to cheer me on. I did much better on this 5K than my last one, so I was very pleased about that. I got 4th in my age group. If i would have ran 30 seconds faster I would have gotten a medal in my age group. Oh well, there is always another race.

After the race we did some housekeeping, and even test drove some cars. I really want to get into a 4 door car, but we need to sell my car first (because a trade in, isn’t enough…) I test drove a 2003 Ford Focus and really really liked it! Hopefully I can get into this car sometime! I will put my car on Craigs List and see what happens!

I went on a bike ride with Kirra in the bike trailer, but I either screwed up how to strap her in, or she isn’t big enough yet… maybe a combo. I biked to the bike shop just down the road to ask for advice, but they were closed. Maybe I will stop in tomorrow, or some other day.

Tomorrow I am breaking one of my biggest rules! Indoor playground! I’m meeting my friend at one. I think Kirra will be fine, even if she does mouth everything. I will just help her NOT mouth everything… haha wish me luck! I just think it will be fun for her. She is in this climbing up on furniture phase, and exploring, and this will be good to practice all of her skills. Hopefully it’s not crowded!

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