The Begining

Well we’ve decided to post a blog, about our feelings, and experiences over the next 8 months. Some of you who will read this, don’t even know yet, so we’re going to log everything down, so that you can read back. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about read on….

In February, Jason and I decided to start trying to make a family. Some people said it would take many months for me to get pregnant, others said it might even take a year! Well earlier in March, I noticed my eye sight went south, in my left eye, and most of you know, and I had to have an MRI.

Meanwhile we were about to accept the final counter offer from a seller, at our soon to be new home in the northern suburbs. Well we decided to wait on the counter offer until we got my MRI resutls back.

Well on Tuesday March 13th, I had my MRI, and by 5:25 I recieved the good news that my Brain and eyes were completely unremarkable, which basically means it was normal! This was the best news ever. I called Jason, and he scheduled our Realtor to come out taht night. So by 8:45 we had signed the counter offer, and made it pretty much official (of course the VA/Appraiser has to approve it, but there shouldn’t be problems).

Well after our Realtor left I decided, I definitely needed a shower after a long day, and get ready for bed. Well by now I was already a week and a half late for my period, so I took a pregnancy test, and it was positive!!! I typed in my LMP on the computer for pregnancy calculators, and I was already almost 5 weeks along! We will be due November 16, 2007!

No wonder why I have been so darn tired! I was really begining to wonder why I was completely whipped out from running even shorter distances, and why after work I wanted to go right to bed! No other major symptoms. At times I feel a slight wave of nausea, although I am only going into week 6 at the moment, so I am sure the symptoms will be exasperated in the weeks to come! Anyways, enough for now, its way past my bedtime. Good night…

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