A big descision!

After trying to jog it out, I feel way out of shape! Now I had just started training for my Half Marathon in February, and have only gotten up to around 4-6 miles. That is really sort of pushing it. Then we had all of that snow at the end of February, and then everything melted and made a muddy mess, so I really haven’t been running as much as I would like to for my training with my Half Marathon.

I’ve talked to friends, and relatives, and even a doctor friend, if she suggests running, and they all say, if you’re already running, there is no reason why you shouldn’t keep running, but trying to increase my millage in 4 weeks seems a little strenuous to me. SO I am going to gracefully bow out of both of my Half Marathons, and take up walking. It really comes down to what do I feel most comfortable with? So far, since Saturday, I have walked a total of 4 miles. 2 miles each day. I took Monday off, as well as tonight I am sure, since I have other plans but I just wanted to verbally, put it out there on paper, or the screen in my case, that I have chosen not to push anything!

During the next few months I will have a lot of things going on with the Marathon that I work for, and I want to be at the top of my game for that, so that I am not on bedrest during the last few months, when we’re the busiest. I would rather take it easy now, so that I have the energy to perform my daily tasks… Perhaps next year I will sign up for a half marathon again, or maybe even a full one, to get back in shape 🙂

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