The Front Nine

An open letter to my daughter –

Nine years ago – you broke into the world – quite literally. Nine months before that – when I found out I was going to have a little person – my life changed forever, and this blog was literally born.

Over the last nine years, you have brought joy to everyone you meet. Your capacity for loving others is so big, and my prayer for you is that you never loose that. You live out John 13:34 so beautifully each day. “So now I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you should love each other.” You stick up for others on the playground when other people act like bullies, and aren’t afraid to [temporarily] loose friends when you see someone treating someone else bad.


You are my sunshine every morning I wake up, and when I get home from work. You are the epitome of goofy, and I know… I know I’ve really instilled in you that you can act as goofy and silly as you want to, because you have your side kick mama right by your side to drive up the silliness. I pray that during the next nine years, you don’t loose that. Don’t let people shoot down your drive to have little kid silliness at all stages of life. After all, look at Uncle Rick… he’s in his 40s and still acts like we do. You’re never too old to act like a nine year old.

Thank you for trying kale, and venison… and butternut squash, and kohlrabi. So many delights that were never my staple growing up. Though you don’t like all of it, you’re still willing to try. You go hunting with dad in the fall, and aren’t afraid to split a worm and hook it.

I realize the back nine will be different. You’re already as sassy as can be. True “mothers revenge” I’m sure coming back to kick my a$$ for the way I spoke to my mother. Please be gentle to me. This is my first time.

I pray that you surround yourself over the next nine years with amazing girlfriends that will stick by you. Adults you can come to, and stay close to Christ who will guide you in all of your paths.

I’ve had you by my side for nine years, and have just nine years left with you before you fly. May the world you grow up in reveal its beauty to you. There may be people and circumstances that will try to knock you down, but keep your head up. Stay true to your roots, and remember these next nine years do not define your life.

You will have boyfriends (dad is groaning), and be forced to choose between what is popular, and what is right. Sometimes you will choose what is popular, and I hope you often choose what is right.

Know that me and your dad are here for you always. We love you – and are so proud of you already.

I heard this song this year by Tim McGraw and it is my wish for you as you embark on these tween and teen years – always stay humble and kind.

Happy Birthday little one.

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