Happy Birthday Blog!

Exactly eight years to the date I birthed this blog out of my imaginings for what my precious baby would bring.

I wanted a place to put down the words that I felt while feeling a tiny being tight inside of me, and the nuanceses of parenthood.

What this blog has become and grown into has become so much more.

Just like how you see your precious newborn you have all of these hopes and ideals, and pretty soon you have something else entirely on your hands.

I look back to that very first post – exactly eight precious years ago, and in some ways cannot believe that I have been writing this long, and this consistently.


At first it was all about pregnancy woes and how I thought I wasn’t going to have any morning sickness  – to experiencing FULL BLOWN morning sickness for [read] the entire pregnancy! To Family, fitness, Food + Wine, [sub]urban farming, and most recently faith! I’m like the Target of blogs – a one stop shop!

Thank you so much to my readers who have been with me since the first day I shared this blog – to those of you who have just found me recently! I hope that I can continue to post stuff that you find inspiring, and coming back!


Click below for posts on or near the anniversary date!


2015 (so far)

❤ Linds

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