A Few of My Favorite Things! #1

Happy Monday! I hope you are all having an amazing start to spring! I realize that the first day of spring isn’t until March 20th, but the weather is in the 60’s, humming birds have returned to the office near my building, and running OUTSIDE has re-ensued.

In this first addition of “A Few of My Favorite Things!” I wanted to share a few things that are some of my favorites! Perhaps it will be a restaurant or store review, a favorite recipe I found on Pinterest, or new fun ideas that I’d love to have if all the cards were stacked right.

1.) Trader Joe’s – Went full on grocery (& wine) shopping at Trader Joe’s last Friday! I’ve been in there before, but never really got meals for a whole week or needed assistance. Well let me tell you! The employees there are the most amazing people in customer service! When asking someone where something was, they weren’t annoyed that they had to walk me half way over the store to help me find something, but acted as if it were their mission to make me feel like the most important person in the store. I was impressed so much that I may call the store tomorrow and ask to speak to the manager to rave about the Friday PM crew! Plus their $5 wine is actually really quite amazing! (coming from a “wine snob”)

2.) Sauna time – If all of the cards are stacked right, I’m crossing my fingers that my husband can build us a sauna this summer! Health benefits aside I’ve enjoyed drooling over photos of saunas on Pinterest, but realize there has to be a bit of practicality as well!


3.) Taco Tuesday – We have full on implemented this on Tuesdays in our family! The three of us absolutely LOVE Tacos, and with the many variations of taco we felt we would never get bored!  Besides shaking it up in the protein department (e.g. Venison, Beef or Chicken) we generally stick to the tired and true taco!

4.) Homemade Tortilla Chips – In addition to Taco Tuesday – I may or may not have a full blown obsession with tortilla chips. We almost always have various salsa laying around, but inevitably we run out of chips.  Now – I do prefer my brand of chips, but when I’m running low, I was blown away  by how unbelievably easy it was to whip up some! The good news, though this particular chip I linked to is thicker (I prefer the thinner chips) it is very sturdy when making nachos! (A great meal for left over taco fixin’s)

5.) A Lent to repent printables by Ann Voskamp. I absolutely love these printables that Ann Voskamp made available to her viewers. You do have to sign up on her website, but it’s pretty easy, and you can choose if you want to be mailed each day, or less often. Its like a little fortune cookie of faith each day with some amazing, and practical ways to move closer to God this Lenten season.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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