Minnesota (er CA) – Week 10

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Just two weeks ago we came home from a much needed break in Carlsbad California, near San Diego. Jason and I hadn’t been to California (where we used to live) in 9 years so it was super fun to be back. Here’s a down and dirty of our 7 day Vacation with photos of course!

Saturday 2/22
We arrived in Sunny and warm California! Our flight over was good, and K thought flying was pretty fun. After we got up to our hotel in Carlsbad we walked across the ocean and walked along. K thought the ocean was pretty cool until she got knocked over by a wave, and then she determined the ocean was no longer “fun” , or safe to be in.

Image 36

K’s first time at the airport, and first time on the walkway.

Image 69

Sunday 2/23
We hopped in the car and drove east for three hours to visit one of my very best friends from the Navy who now resides in Arizona. We had a picnic lunch with her and her family and the kiddos got to play at the park while Shawna & I drank wine. [side note: did you know that you can buy wine at the grocery store on Sundays in CA?] We drove through some remarkable scenery, but it was nice to be back at our hotel after a long day of driving.

Image 87

Monday 2/24
We met up with our friend Lisa and her boyfriend Evan and headed down to SeaWorld. We all enjoyed looking at the animals, but K did not appreciate getting splashed by Shamu. (Probably didn’t help that the water was freezing!) Later we went out for dinner, and had steaks, lobsters and fish.

Kiri feeding the seals at SeaWorld

K feeding the seals at SeaWorld

Tuesday 2/25
Pool & beach day! We spent the day at the pool swimming in 66 degrees, and at the beach walking in the waves and enjoying fish tacos at the pier. Most of the locals had coats on, but we were hardy Minnesotans so 66 degrees felt like a great. I even managed to get sunburned pretty bad although we kept K covered in sunscreen. We met up later with my old boss from the Navy at a delicious Mexican restaurant. it was so fun to catch up.

At Oceanside Pier

As you can see we're the only ones in the pool!

As you can see we’re the only ones in the pool!

My favorite picture of Jason & Kiri.

My favorite picture of Jason & K.

Wednesday 2/26
Back in the car for a day at San Diego Zoo. It was so much fun seeing all of the animals that we don’t have in MN including Koala bears, elephants, and kangaroos. K did an exceptional job walking what we can only guess was 5-6 miles. After the zoo we ate at West Steak and Seafood in Carlsbad. Our appetizer was crab cakes which were to die for! For dinner I had West Australian Loster tail and a glass of Frank Family Vineyards Chardonnay. Jason had a 40 day aged house special steak, and K had fancy macaroni & cheese. She did exceptional at this obvious fancy restaurant, and we even had a stranger come up to our table to tell us that K was very well behaved.







Thursday 2/27
We met up with our friends Lisa & Evan again and had breakfast together in Oceanside. Sadly, it was time to say goodbye to them as they had to return for work in AZ. After breakfast Jason and I headed north to the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) and drove through Laguna, Huntington Beach, and then just kept going north. We drove through the ghettos of Long Beach & LA and then found ourself in magnificent Malibu. (which is just south of where we used to live). We drove through the canyon and hung out at the mall I used to work at in Thousand Oaks California. We then had a 3.5 hour drive back to our hotel in Carlsbad.

Making a sand castle at the abandoned Huntington Beach.

Making a sand castle at the abandoned Huntington Beach.

Image 234

The PCH coming into Malibu.

Friday 2/28
Last day! We woke up to Typhoon like conditions so it wasn’t going to be a typical beach day, or outdoors day. We did stop and have breakfast at this cute cafe where I had the most delicious french toast! They made it out of Croissant rolls. It was to die for! After breakfast we drove around Carlsbad for a bit and stopped by another mall to walk around and beat the rain. After the mall we were heading back to the hotel when I asked Jason to drop me off down the beach (there was a break in the rain) and I walked along the beach while listening to some of my favorite songs (Oceans, Hillsong), and just prayed and stared out into the ocean that God made with his hands. It moved me to tears, but it was a cool moment.

Croissant french toast and a mimosa.

Croissant french toast and a mimosa.

Image 272

You call me out upon the waters…

Image 285

Sea kelp washed up on the beach from the storm.

Image 277

The beach which I walked upon.

Saturday 3/1
Sadly, our vacation came to an end… but waiting at home for us……

As of 3/14 – We have officially welcomed Niko into our home (just last night) and so far he’s doing great! Today he’s perked up quite a bit, and I think is starting to realize that we are his new pack. So far his “toy” is the cats tail. He grabbed it with his teeth and started playing tug of war with it until Kip bopped him in the head… and then he sat right in front of Niko waiving his tail in his face watching out of the corner of his eye.

We put him in the kennel a few times before “bed time”, and he howled. It was cute because we were still awake… but soon it was bedtime. Jason has the big kennel sectioned off and next to his side of the bed, so he slept sideways, and half off the bed with his hand by the kennel to reassure Niko. He actually did pretty good. We had our alarm set for every three hours to wake up and let him out. So far he’s only had two accidents in the house, and the rest have been outside. GO NIKO!

We plan to socialize today with some friends and reminisce over our trips (they were in Mexico). Jason’s brother Miah is bringing his Olde English Bulldog, and Boston Terrier to play. The three males in our larger pack getting together. We will have them meet in small doses. But I think they will get along great.



Down & Dirty Updates:
Miss K is doing exceptional at school. She is now reading small sentences with ease, and is doing exceptional at other subjects as well.

Me: I am the proud new owner of Kettelbells! Post vacation I’ve had absolutely ZERO desire to go to the gym. So this is something nice I can do at home, and will hopefully start running outside again. I have a few triathlons planned for this summer including a 5K I would love a good time at.

Jason: He has been busy building two beautiful permanent gates for the dogs at our house. Work is going well for him, and he’s been working in town since October which is such a huge blessing to us.

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