Oh, Hi my name is Eli!


I’m Eli. I grew up just a stones throw north of here with the nicest mum and pop!

They are purebred Cane Corso’s – the Italian Mastiff! My new mom and dad (Lindsey & Jason) came to pick me up today.

I’m already big and stocky. At 7 weeks old I’m already about 15 pounds!


The car ride home was ok, but I was kind of scared, so I sat on my new dad’s lap the whole way home!


Once we got home I met Tyler & Sadie, and sniffed around the yard. Several neighbors knew I was coming so they come over and I got to meet several people today already!

Time for a snooze! I’m so wrinkly when I sleep!


After my short nap I went over to the neighbors house to watch their little 2 1/2 year old play basket ball. I pounced after it, but I’m still so new I fall a lot.

So my new mom and I went to the other neighbors where I fell asleep in her lap for about 15 minutes. She didn’t want to let me go and I was very very comfortable.

Finally it was time to go back to my new home and my new mom put me in “jail” for the night. I do not like it here. My old mum and litter mates are not here, and I am scared.


My new sister Sadie came to visit me though so I calmed down for a bit and we snuggled at the gate.

She wanted to tell me she’s been there before and it gets better!


Off to my first night here. I’m thinking my new family isn’t going to get much sleep!

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