Three Thought Thursday

1.) Running – My training plan for Grandma’s has not stayed the course, but I am still managing to get my long runs in. I still have time, but I really need to make more of an effort on getting my mid-week runs in – instead of just waiting to the weekend to run.

2.) Heat Yoga – Took a class at Life Time one week when it was disturbingly cold (in April – or was it March) and fell in love! The class I normally go to is a Vinyassa class which basically means non-stop movement between all of the poses. I like it because it feels like more of a legitimate workout, and my skin ALWAYS feels amazing after I sweat out over 1/2 pound from each class :-). I also have been enjoying (on occasion) a ballet class at Life Time, and KC is excited to start swimming classes next month at LTF as well! (Yay to fitness!)

3.) 70’s
Its finally going to be in the 70’s this weekend which means complete and total amazingness! I plan to sit on my deck, (when I should probably be running) and my backyard patio, open all of the windows and enjoy the “real” spring! KC is mega pumped to be outside! In fact – today is supposed to be around 56* when we get home, so I’ll open the house up tonight too!

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